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      When you experience knee or foot pain, it’s most likely debilitating and affecting your quality of life. At Synergy Medical, LLC, Drs. Cooper can diagnose your pain and offer a broad range of treatment options. Book a consultation to see how chiropractic care and other therapies can help.

      When do I need to see a doctor for my knee pain?

      Knee and Foot Pain Doctor Marysville OH

      Because the knee is a weight-bearing joint and absorbs shock and compression with every step, it is critical to get treatment as early as possible. The longer the pain goes uncorrected, the more permanent damage possible.

      Call our Synergy Medical LLC staff today and get an appointment scheduled if you experience any of the following symptoms:

      • Popping, grinding or creaking sounds
      • Redness or swelling
      • Difficulty straightening or bending the leg
      • Weakness of the muscles of the leg
      • Difficulty bearing weight on the knee

      Why is Rehabilitation Important for Knee Injuries?

      Proper rehab is essential for a full recovery. Whether you have chronic knee pain, a new injury or even knee surgery, our rehabilitation goal is to strengthen the muscles of the knee. This will provide you the most stability for the long term, and position you to avoid new injuries as well as recurring knee problems.

      How Do Corticosteroid Injections work for knee pain?

      Corticosteroid injections are a very common treatment for knee conditions, both acute and chronic. They reduce knee pain by diminishing the bodies natural inflammatory process. While these injections won’t provide permanent relief, or correct the underlying problem which is creating the inflammatory response, they do provide relief from a few weeks to several months. Without any corrective action, it's likely that the pain will return as the knee is still vulnerable to injury.

      This is why we prefer an alternative to steroids known as hyaluronic acid injections. This is a thick substance that lubricates the joint providing improved mobility and decreased pain.

      Will I need knee surgery?

      It's possible, but as technology advances, there are increasingly new conservative treatment options available now more than ever. If our providers need more information after performing a detailed orthopedic examination, we can take x-rays on-site and/or even order an MRI to see the internal soft tissues of the knee. After our providers collaborate on your case, we will determine if you are a good candidate for Natural Medicine and rehabilitation. If we feel that you aren’t a good candidate for the conservative treatment options that we offer, we will make the appropriate referral.



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