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      Patient Testimonials

      I’m not waking up every morning in pain. With consistent diet and exercise I’ve been able to lose 60 lbs. Synergy Medical keeps my back straight, so I can lose the weight.”

      - Trevor L.

      I came to Synergy Medical mid September 2022 and needed a walker to get around. My left hip was bone on bone and we decided to go this route instead of doing surgery. I got 3 PRP shots along with rehab and adjustments. Today- Nov. 15, 2022 I can walk without a walker or a cane. I praise God for the healing he granted me through the treatment from Synergy! They are all very nice, knowledgeable & very helpful. I would recommend them very highly to anyone needing this kind of help.

      - Darla S.

      Less pain in my hips and back. The exercises are making me move easier and adjustments always make me move easier. People are really great to work with.

      - Peggy H.

      I want to say to the employees here thank you all so much. You all are so nice & caring. They have all made me feel very welcome & feel like family in helping me to recover from an auto accident. Everyone that works for the company is really good about knowing what is the best plan to help people get better from any thing that has happened to anyone.

      - Beth A.

      This is one of the most amazing medical offices that you will ever find. Every member of the staff welcomes you as a person not a number. Smiles and hugs!!! Great individualized care. Knowledgeable staff. So accommodating. Love these guys!!!

      - Martha H.

      Since going to Synergy Medical I am feeling the best in months. My neck pain is gone and my back is so much better. The employees are the best, so friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to others.

      - Peggy H.

      very friendly and helpful staff... pain went away after first adjustment

      - David C.

      Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. I appreciate how they try the most natural and reasonable methods of fixing any problems. I was told at age 20 that I would need a couple of vertebrae in my lower back fused together in the near future. Through the care at Synergy I am in little to no back pain, and I am confident that with the appropriate rehab and chiropractic care at Synergy I will be able to at least postpone any surgery until much later in life.

      - Miranda B.

      I was in a lot of pain when I went to Synergy Medical. I went from traveling a lot to sitting at home during Covid, back to traveling again. My lower back and hips along with my neck and shoulders were stiff! After a few adjustments and some trigger points I felt much better! After the success I had with adjustments, I started Healthy Habits and have lost close to 15 pounds in 4 weeks! The staff at Synergy are top notch and really make you feel like family!

      - Amanda M.

      After a month of visiting Synergy Medical and getting adjusted and rehab, I went on an hour long trail ride with no muscle pain in my hips! Usually I have to stretch about 20 minutes into my ride.

      - Michelle F.

      All the staff is very helpful and I feel they work to make up a plan to help each person. - Submitted 6/3/20

      - Daniel M.

      Insightful treatment with a small town feel. I have been seeing a chiropractor for years, and when I moved to the area, I was sad to leave my former chiropractors behind. I visited other chiropractors in the area, but only Synergy matched the wonderful, homey feeling I got with my previous doctors. Doctor Patrick has done wonders for my numbness and burning, and the medical provider has become a trusted confidant. Dr. Charita always has a welcome smile and remembers everyone by name, and she knows how to make my neck move! The administrative staff is always smiling and enthusiastic and the rehab assistants are appropriately “demanding” in their guidance with warm-ups (joking, no one really wants to warm up). I have even decided to join Healthy Habits! This team truly understands treating the entire human. Don’t bother going anywhere else. - Submitted 4/18/20

      - Erin F.

      Outstanding personable staff. The doctors and staff quickly assessed my problems and developed a comprehensive plan in bringing relief. - Submitted 3/20/20

      - Gene B.

      This place is awesome. Second to none right here at Synergy Medical. The staff is just amazing. They actually listen to you, and make you feel like you’re part of something. Dr. Patrick was great…got right to the point, made you feel good, and off you go. Back to the staff, those ladies were awesome, they take great pride in their work, Thank you all for caring!!!!!!!!! - Submitted 5/11/19

      - Ty W.

      A wonderful place for care. Great people, professional service. Wonderful Doctors. - Submitted 10/8/20

      - Gary S.

      I started going to Synergy Medical for hip pain but they have helped with so much more. I’ve gotten help with back, ankle, neck and migraines. I went there through my pregnancy and it helped so much with my back pain. Now we go as a family. It helps my infant so much and she loves it! - Submitted 7/21/20

      - Melinda W.

      Synergy was recommended for my 4 mth old who was having consistent reflux since birth. The entire staff have been amazing. Always welcomed with a friendly smile. I am always educated on the entire process. We know take all 4 of our kids to Synergy. Highly recommend this practice for treatment as well as for your preventative health. - Submitted 4/23/20

      - Courtney S.

      I just returned from vacation in the Outer Banks where I rode a bike 10 miles a day, kayaked and climbed a light house. I rode 12 hours in a car and carried my own luggage. I could not have done any of these things a month ago. Thank you so much Synergy Medical for giving me my life back! - Submitted 5/18/20

      - Lindy B.

      The care and concern for my well being is something I've never experienced! I went in for a free consult and am now on the road to complete restoration of my knees! Thanks to the entire staff! You all are amazing! - Submitted 5/21/20

      - Donna S.

      Always a joy to get worked on by these folks. I’ve been going for four years and actually look forward to going to the appointments. Fun and friendly staff. Highly recommend! - Submitted 11/11/20

      - Jon M.

      I have been going to this office for almost 2 months. I love the entire staff. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They spend time explaining things and they have helped me in more ways that I can count. My pain has significantly decreased. My flexibility has increased and overall I feel so much better. I could not have foreseen this much improvement in such a short amount of time. I have learned so much. Thank you for all you have done for me. You are a great team of people! - Submitted 5/12/20

      - June S.

      Synergy staff care so much about making your life better! - Submitted 8/25/20

      - Rebecca W.

      Never being to a chiropractor before I did not know what to expect. I’m glad to say it’s been a very nice adventure. I’m only half way through my projected treatments and can see a big difference. The Doctors and staff are wonderful, making you feel like you are a friend and not a patience. I would recommend them to anyone. Ps, bring your sense of humor. - Submitted 5/7/20

      - Michael S.

      When I walked thru the doors at Synergy I was a hot mess!! Very little sleep and a LOT of pain. X-rays were taken and with tests from my family dr a treatment plan was formed. My back was worse than I thought! Trigger point injections were added, not good for someone that has a fear of needles but it really helped! There were setbacks along the way causing me to wonder if I should continue with the treatments. I am so glad I stuck with it!! Except for an occasional flare up, I am nearly pain free! A big thank you to the entire staff at Synergy! So stick with the treatment plan and do the stretches. It does work!!! - Submitted 6/16/20

      - Sharon A.

      I go regularly for adjustments. Always come out feeling SO much better than when I went in! - Submitted 8/13/20

      - Kay P.

      Definitely can't speak highly enough of Synergy Medical. The staff is wonderful and they make it easy to be seen and taken care of. Their treatment plan was exactly what I needed to get rid of my hip pain. After only a few visits I noticed a huge change. Continuing on I feel like a whole new person. They gave me the tools I needed to help myself and I would recommend them to everyone. I'm 30, and I finally feel my age. - Submitted 5/11/20

      - Britney G.

      All I can say about the Synergy staff is our wonderful people I never experienced such warm feelings and professional work that they do right there in Marysville thank you so much Synergy medical thank you for getting my knee working good in my shoulder the RCM work Wonder's. - Submitted 11/09/20

      - William L.

      Wonderful providers! They care about your whole wellness, not just the one issue that brought you in. After my auto accident, I knew I wanted a long term solution and not a quick fix. They listened to my issues and used a 3 disciplined approach to tailor my therapy to me. Having a doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist each review my case allows the team to offer the best care anyone could ask for. From reception to care providers, everyone is friendly and welcoming. I definitely feel like part of their family! - Submitted 10/14/20

      - Jana C.

      Felt very welcome, look forward to learning new things to help heal my problems. - Submitted 4/28/21

      - Nancy K.

      I am a disabled veteran and came to this place with lots of issues. The staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Its an all in one place. They provide rehab which helps with stretching, building strength, and range of motion. The trigger point injections and joint injections have helped me tremendously to help relieve tension within the joints and muscles. Their husband/wife duo Chiropractors are both absolutely amazing when it comes to adjusting. They get to know you on a personal level and they remember who you are and your issues so you don't have to continue to explain things over and over. I have also joined in their healthy habits program. I still have about a month in that program to go but I have lost 30 lbs so far. I can go on and on about this place. I am extremely happy with everyone and everything there BUT results will definitely vary from person to person. Its like that sayin, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

      - Robert M.

      I can’t say enough about the staff at Synergy! Their professionalism and friendly manner will make anyone feel comfortable right from the beginning of your care. I have experienced a remarkable change in my health, posture and pain relief as a result of the individualized care I’ve received. I would highly recommend Synergy. - Submitted 4/20/21

      - Lisa L.

      Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. I appreciate how they try the most natural and reasonable methods of fixing any problems. I was told at age 20 that I would need a couple of vertebrae in my lower back fused together in the near future. Through the care at Synergy I am in little to no back pain, and I am confident that with the appropriate rehab and chiropractic care at Synergy I will be able to at least postpone any surgery until much later in life. - Submitted 4/28/21

      - Jeremiah B.

      Well…I love the staff there! Yes I would highly recommend them they are smart and good at what they do. They have what is called a good bedside manner. I started going there and I was about 200 pounds. Now I am at about 175 and still going strong. I noticed what worked really really well was drinking like 120 ounces of water a day. My complexion got better, the dark circles under my eyes, my skin feels smoother. In the beginning I was somewhat overwhelmed so I didn’t follow every single thing accordingly. They worked with me to understand things and what foods are best for me and my body type. I’m now going through it a second time and I figure the second or third time around things just stick in your brain a little more little by little, and this time I am doing more of what it says like detox and protocol stuff. Thank You Synergy Medical team! - Submitted 5/29/20

      - Kendra M.

      Excellent care for my “all over body aches”!! I was amazed how fast the injections from Jen, the nurse practitioner, worked on my muscle pain! Obviously the adjustments took some time but really helped! Everyone is very friendly and professional. I have seen them respond extremely well with the elderly and a teenager! I think this office would do well for all ages with their integrated approach to live pain free! - Submitted 6/22/20

      - Pamela D.

      Great staff to coordinate several facets of your care!!!!! - Submitted 10/10/20

      - Carol C.

      Synergy Medical has helped me in so many ways. I went in for neck problems which was a result of many other functions in my body. The Drs and all the staff are very knowledgeable about your body and how it works. They meet together and discuss the progress you are making. Something I never had happen in all my different therapies and chiropractors. Besides being knowledgeable they are all very nice and treat you with respect! This place is awesome!! - Submitted 4/1/21

      - Patti F.

      When I first started doing rehab at Synergy, I was in a lot of pain. Now after 2 months, it’s amazing how much better I feel.

      - Alyssa B.

      My health has improved so much. When I first came in to Synergy Medical, my neck and and shoulders hurt so bad. I couldn’t turn my neck very much and shoulders were so tight. Today pretty much pain free. Everyone there is helpful and friendly and want to help. Go see them they are the best.

      - Linda M.

      Coming in, my back hurt and I had a migraine. Now my back and neck hurts a lot less and my migraine is pretty much gone

      - Abbigail M.

      My hip was out and as soon as I left, I noticed a difference

      - Doug M.

      The integrated health approach has really improved pain in my wrist. When I started, it was difficult to type and some household duties were a challenge. After working with Synergy, the pain has improved. I really appreciated the holistic approach.

      - Mark L.

      I came to Synergy Medical searching for ways on reversing my arthritis in my feet. I researched their RCM therapy treatment and was interested in the program. I liked how they incorporated the shots, physical therapy and food health choices in the healing process. During this journey I have met my weight loss goal of 30 pounds. My joints in my feet have improved over 80% and no longer have the pain when walking. I have better balance and I have started a low impact aerobics routine. The Staff has been wonderful and encouraging throughout every step. I also was impressed that through my first back x-ray they noticed that I could possibly have a bone loss issue and recommended me to see my doctor. They were correct the bone scan showed I have the beginning stages of Osteoporosis. Having been informed about my bone issue has helped me take steps in preventing further bone loss early! I appreciate all their help in getting my health back on track!!

      - Kimberly A.

      I just wanted to shout out the praises for the team at Synergy Medical!! Recently on a Saturday afternoon I injured my neck and could not look to the left at all without shooting pains. I called synergy and they went over and above to see me immediately after hours and treat me and within days I was back on my feet!! The care and willingness to go way above the call of duty was amazing and I am forever grateful for the care and concern that I received

      - Jeremy S.

      I've been coming to Synergy for a little over a year now and I cannot express my gratitude to them enough for how they have improved my life! I came in with lower back pain and was having trouble moving, now I can Jazzercise twice a day and I'm back to having so much energy!

      - Suzanne X.

      I have been symptom free for a long time since starting to come to Synergy about 2 years ago. No more numbness in hands while sleeping.

      - Jeremy S.

      I started Feb 2020. I’ve lost 10 lbs. It’s the end of Feb ! I’ve lost inches in all areas. I was very surprised. I honestly did not feel I had done anything right until I heard and saw my results. Watch me as my journey will be lifelong. My end date at Synergy is in May.

      - Kendar

      I have been a patient of Buckeye Sports/Synergy Med approx. 15 years. What started as mild scoliosis turned into full blown sciatic nerve pain from my lower back down my right leg and into the shin area. Surgery was not an option for me- RCM therapy seemed far less invasive. Dec 23, 2019 I had injections, with rehab and adjustments right in the office by people who know my medical prob well. I am not sciatic nerve pain free as of Feb 27, 2020- 2 months out! Being on a good supplement program has been most beneficial and gave me a huge jumpstart to achieve maximum healing along with weekly rehab and adjustments.

      - Linda M.

      Synergy has a fun staff! I started going to get adjusted several years ago. I was having a lot of back pain and having trouble sleeping from it. Dr Charita suggested trigger point injections. I having been getting them for a few months now and that has made all the difference in the world! I feel so much better! Thanks so much for your care!!

      - Jodee H.

      Please don’t live in pain. You have the very best care to feel great again right here. Call them and lose the hurt.

      - Scott S.

      This is the most beneficial chiropractic treatment (and so much more) that I've experienced. It's wonderful to sense the concern that Dr. Charita and the whole Synergy staff have towards their patients. Oh, and they are phenomenal at what they do!

      - Nathan H.

      Come Here!!! I’m 46 and I have seen many chiropractors over the last 26yrs that I’ve needed chiropractic care. Both of the Coopers are great and it’s extremely helpful to have more than one Dr work on you. When I first moved here I went to a different local Dr and really had the worst experience to date, my spine was in scoliosis mode but after several visits they were able to straighten it back up. I was able to get out of the pain and misery I was in. I also suffer from headaches from neck issues due to a very bad car accident 26yrs ago and they were able to eliminate my headaches. As a VERY experienced customer I highly recommend this office and as icing on the cake all the staff is extremely helpful and pleasant.

      - Jennifer L.

      A wonderful team, everyone is both professional, personable, and pleasant. I've enjoyed the high level of care I have received!

      - Nathan H.

      Dr. Cooper has helped reduce the pain in my back, hip, and knees. After many years working on concrete floors and a car accident, my joints were bothering me a lot. Thank you for your help.

      - Dan F.

      I have been seeing Synergy Medical for migraines. It is the only thing that consistently helps with my migraines!

      - Melinda W.

      Dr Patrick knew right where my trouble was and was able to put me back in alignment quickly.

      - BRENDA L.

      I have had neck pain for years. I have tried so many different things that have just masked the pain enough to get by. I have to say just in my few visits already I am feeling so much better. I attended a festival this weekend which would have normally left me in a lot of pain and stiffness but I felt so much better this time being so active. Wish I had done this a long time ago. I highly recommend coming to synergy. They have helped me so much already! Both Dr's are great!

      - Debbie W.

      I have had upper back/ shoulder issues on and off for the past few years and chiropractor alone helped a little bit it came back after bit well a week or so ago I tried synergy and the shots they put in my upper back/shoulder area on top of the chiropractor and rehab has helped so much it’s no longer sore or achy/stiff I would highly recommend these guys. They are great!

      - Ashley H.

      Thanks to all the staff at Synergy for the help of relieving pain in my upper & lower back with pressure point injections , adjustments and Strengthening Exercises Go team Dakota

      - Brian R.

      Yo! Yo! Yo! Both Dr. Coopers are so wonderful! Rachel and Dakota as well. They are so family friendly and very educated in their field. I have been to several chiros in my life and just recently moved to the Marysville area. I'm so glad I found Synergy Medical they have changed my health and my daughters health for the better! If you are thinking of trying out chiropractic care... look no further... this is the place for you! PS. Dakota Rocks! #Team Dakota fo realz!

      - Christine Z.

      One of the things I appreciate about my visits is the flow of the appointment. I feel that there is no waiting or wasted time, from initial check in until I here “you’re done young man”. I also appreciate the friendly, competent and caring staff.

      - Ted J.

      My wife and I have 5 kids, 1yr-9yr all of them get adjusted and love the people. Recommend to anyone, kids or adults!

      - Will D.

      I’ve been going to this business for a few years now for adjustments. Right now I’m going for a knee injury treatment and rehab. Dr. Rachel Frinak has delivered above and beyond service and care and shows much compassion and sympathy for her patients. If you need help and guidance to get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love, then Synergy Medical is the place to go!

      - Connor S.

      Often when we are in back pain it effects our job. I had back pain and was barely able to stand. Dr. Cooper assessed the situation and after a series of appointments my back was like new. You never know when you may hurt your back from a simple task as picking up a dog. Instead of using pain medication, Dr. Cooper fixed my back through Chiropractic Care.

      - Christy C.

      I have received excellent care for over 14 years now with Dr. Charita. Recently our son began seeing Rachel for a knee injury in an effort to avoid surgery. She has made herself available to answer any and all questions for him. To say she has been thorough is an understatement. Carol is always knowledgeable and friendly along with the rest of the Synergy staff.

      - Heather S.

      Being senior citizens, my husband and I are encouraged with the help Drs. Charita and Patrick provide for the various aches and pains we experience due to growing older. Particular kinds of stretching is something that proves to really help.

      - Lurliene S.

      After suffering for years with neck pain Rachel did pressure point injections. I feel great and pain free. Can not recommend this procedure enough.

      - Mary S.

      After years of experiencing lower back pain I went to Synergy and less than a year later I am mostly pain free. The staff is very friendly staff and Patrick gave helpful instruction. I recommend them to anyone with any back pain or hip or posture issues.

      - James R.

      Love coming to this office! It's such a relaxing environment. Everyone is always so nice. I see Dr. Charita, but both doctors are EXCELLENT!

      - Cara S.

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