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      What are the signs of neck pain?

      Neck pain can be tricky. Sometimes it can get better with movement, but other times it worsens and can even restrict movement altogether. Here are a few common types of pain that are associated with the neck:

      • Pain that gets worse when you hold your head in one place for too long, such as when you’re driving or working at a computer
      • Pain that feels like muscle tightness
      • Pain that feels like sharp, severe spasms
      • Pain that decreases your ability to move your head
      • Pain in your head that radiates from your neck

      What causes neck pain?

      There are many possible causes of neck pain. Some of the most common ones include:

      • Muscle strain
        • This usually is a result of poor posture or overuse from doing things such as spending too many hours hunched over a computer. It can also be caused by simply sleeping with your neck in an uncomfortable or awkward position.
      • Injuries
        • Most commonly this is whiplash which is a neck injury due to sudden jerking of the head. Whiplash is most often caused by motor vehicle accidents, contact sports, and falls.
      • Worn joints
        • The joints in your neck can wear down with age, causing the cartilage between your bones to deteriorate. Your body will then create bone spurs, which cause pain.
      • Nerve compression
        • This happens when herniated discs, also called ruptured or slipped discs, press on the nerves where they branch away from your spinal cord.

      What are some treatments for neck pain?

      Neck pain can be treated with a variety of therapies, and at Synergy Medical LLC, Drs. Cooper can discover what will work best for your particular neck pain. Your treatment might include adjusting—slight chiropractic corrections to the neck—or it might include a method called traction, which uses weights and pulleys to gently stretch out the neck. These methods can be very effective, along with other exercises and stretches to strengthen and correct the issue.


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