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      Just because you’re aging, does not mean that you must live with disabling joint pain due to arthritis. The effective treatment of arthritis requires a detailed physical, orthopedic and neurologic examination as well as the proper diagnosis. This is paramount in understanding the underlying cause of the problem.

      There are many types of arthritis, and understanding the human body’s biomechanics is the key to determining if you have osteoarthritis, most common type of arthritis, or another type like rheumatoid arthritis.

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      Who is at risk for Arthritis?

      • Those over age 40
      • People who have suffered injury or accidents
      • People who are over their normal range of body weight
      • If you have a physically demanding job or highly repetitive (including sitting and standing on concrete for long hours)
      • People who have flat feet (over-pronation) or walk on the outside of your foot (over-supination)
      • People who served our Country in the Military (Salute To You!) and who perform repetitive high impact activity

      What are the different types of arthritis?


      Commonly known as “wear and tear” disease. Its from using your body over the years. Biomechanical misalignments contribute to earlier onset, especially in the knees, hips and lower back. Abnormal posture can also contribute to osteoarthritis in the neck back as it changes the way our spines distribute body weight.

      Rheumatoid arthritis

      This is an auto-immune disorder which is of unknown etiology. Your body breaks down its own cartilage, thus leaving you with severe inflammation, pain and swelling as well as bone degeneration.


      This is more common in middle-aged men and is resultant from excess of uric acid in the body, which forms micro-crystalline deposits typically in the joints of the great toe.

      Is there other treatment for arthritis other than taking medicine for the rest of my life?

      Absolutely Yes! It is likely that you will need multiple types of treatment to improve your ability to move and feel better. This is where the providers at Synergy Medical LLC will collaborate to determine which treatments will be most effective for your specific situation and condition.

      The arthritis treatment may include:

      • Physical therapy
      • Joint Injections (Hyaluronic acid, Traumee)
      • Trigger-point Injections (Lidocaine, Marcaine and Saline Solution)
      • Anti-inflammatory medications
      • Traction
      • Massage Therapy
      • Chiropractic

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