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      Relieving pain without restoring function will not improve quality of life and ensures that patients will be back in our office with that same pain-sooner than later.

      Pain is just a physical symptom of a bigger underlying disease process. When a patient presents to our office, it is generally because of pain. However, this does not mean that their disease process started along with that pain.

      Pain and symptoms show up in the later stages of the disease process and they are generally the first to leave with conservative treatment. This means that even though a patient may be pain free, if we haven’t corrected the underlying cause or disease, their symptoms will return.

      This is a very important concept because it drives how we treat our patients at Synergy Medical. A treatment plan may extend past the time a patient is symptom or pain free because we are trying to restore function and eliminate the underlying disease process. We give 110% to our patients in their journey to becoming pain free and we hope that patients invest the same amount of effort in their healing process.

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